1.5 lakh posts lying vacant in all the three armies including the Indian Army, know when the recruitment will start

Armed Forces Recruitment: More than 1.5 lakh posts are lying vacant in all the three forces of the country. Most of the posts in this are vacant in the Indian Army. Let us know when these posts will be appointed.

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Indian Army Vacancy: A large number of youth in the country dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces. Every youth waits for the recruitment in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. Recruitment is also done every year in all the three forces. Youth from all over the country also take part in this recruitment process. However, even after all three Armed Forces There are lakhs of posts lying vacant. In such a situation, let us tell you today how many posts are vacant in all the three armies and when the recruitment will be done in them.

About 1.55 posts are lying vacant in all the three forces. Because of this, the Army, Air Force and Navy are also facing shortage of personnel. The thing to note here is that most of the posts are vacant in the Indian Army. There are 1.36 lakh posts lying vacant in the army. Actually, this information was given in the Rajya Sabha regarding the vacant posts in the forces.

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In a written reply, Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt accepted the shortage of personnel in the armed forces. He also told that work is being done to deal with this problem. The youth are being encouraged to fill the vacant posts and join the forces. Many important steps have also been taken in this regard.

How many posts are vacant in the army?

The posts of officers are also lying vacant in the Indian Army. There is a shortage of 8,129 officers in the Indian Army, including the Army Medical Corps and the Army Dental Corps. The number of vacancies in Military Nursing Service (MNS) is 509. 1,27,673 posts are lying vacant on JCO and other posts. The number of vacant posts in Group A is 252, while in Group B 2,549 and in Group C 35,368 posts are lying vacant.

How many posts are vacant in Navy and Air Force?

A total of 12,428 posts are lying vacant in the Indian Navy. The Navy has a requirement of 1,653 officers, 29 medical and dental officers and 10,746 sailors. 165 posts in Group A, 4207 posts in Group B and 6,156 posts in Group C are lying vacant.

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If we talk about the Indian Air Force, then there are 7,031 vacancies in it. The posts of 721 officers, 16 medical officers, 4,734 airmen and 113 medical assistant airmen are also vacant in the Air Force. There are 22 vacancies in Group A, 1303 in Group B and 5531 in Group C.

When will be the recruitment on vacant posts?

It has not been told by the government that when the youth will be appointed on these posts. However, the government has definitely told that continuous steps are being taken by the government for appointment to these posts. The recruitment process is being simplified so that the youth are being appointed at the earliest. The government has also set a target to fill 10 lakh posts within the next one year. In such a situation, it is expected that a notification will also be issued for recruitment to these posts as soon as possible.