1 lakh people lost their jobs in the first month of 2023! Firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Google involved in layoffs

The effect of the economic recession that is spreading across the world is now clearly visible. In the last few weeks, giant tech companies have announced major layoffs for cost cutting, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Vodafone Idea as well as many other big names. Now a report has come out that in the last month, i.e. in January 2023, more than 1 lakh people have lost their jobs. Those who lost jobs include employees of big firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce.

Lakhs of people have lost their jobs in the last 1 month due to the global slowdown. If we look at this figure on a daily basis, then in the first month of the year, 3300 people have lost their jobs daily. IANS’s Report According to , these include an average of about 288 companies around the world. amazon Has laid off 18 thousand employees, which is the biggest layoff in any tech company during this period. then comes the number Google Of, which has shown the way out to 12 thousand employees. Microsoft is on the third number, which has laid off about 10,000 people.

The matter does not end here. Some big companies like Salesforce have laid off 7000 people. For IBM the figure is 3900 and SAP has reduced 3000 employees. Talking about last year, the report says that in 2022, out of 1000 companies, 1 lakh 54 thousand 336 employees were laid off. That is, the total figure for January of 2022 and 2023 reaches close to 2.5 lakhs.

Many factors have been mentioned in this, out of which things like overhiring, i.e. hiring more people than necessary, Kovid 19 epidemic, cost cutting are included. It is said that Meta fired 11,000 people, while OLX laid off 1,500 people and reduced the workforce by 15%. Apart from this, BYJU’s laid off 15% of the employees from the engineering team. PayPal Has recently announced the removal of 2000 employees. There is a possibility of the total figure to be even bigger in the coming times. <!–