12 famous cricketers of Team India, who were recognized in Bachpam ..

Team India has achieved a new position in the last few years. Which is being discussed all around. Many young players have also been entered in the Indian team, who have impressed the players and veterans from all over the world with their performance. At this time, such a synergy between senior and young players has been established, whose discussion is heard in the cricket corridors every day.

t20 world cup In India, the Indian team is being seen as a strong contender. But, are you aware that the Indian players, which are discussed on everyone’s tongue today, how did they look in childhood? If not, then today we are going to introduce you to the childhood of the same cricketers, who are now known as the most famous players of the team.

Virat Kohli

First of all, we are introducing you to the current team captain Virat Kohli. This is his childhood picture. Seeing this, it is very difficult to recognize him, that he is Virat Kohli, who is still the crush of so many girls. In this photo you can see that the captain is looking absolutely chubby.

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