13 ‘tainted matches’ of cricket, where the game of corruption took place, worst in a year. 13 Cricket Matches played in 2022, finds Sportsradar Integrity Services Report

Match-fixing or illegal betting in sports has been considered the biggest crime and many efforts are made to stop it. Despite this, there are attempts of corruption in almost every sport in every part of the world.

According to the SportsRadar Integrity report, suspicious activity was found in most cricket matches in a year. (representative picture)

Image Credit source: AFP

New Delhi: In different sports played around the world, the most important thing is that they should be played with complete rules. Played with good sportsmanship and most importantly – played with integrity. Don’t try to be dishonest. Especially do not try to influence the game by fixing or any other means. Almost all sports generally pass all these tests, yet there are some wrong forces who try to spoil the game and succeed in dishonesty. A report was issued regarding the identification of such games, in which it has been claimed that in 2022 there have been disturbances in more than one thousand matches.

Sportradar Integrity Services, an international organization that monitors bad practices like probity, irregular betting and fixing in sports, has released a report. In this report, the organization has told that out of all the competitive matches played in different sports last year, suspicious activities have been found in 1212 matches. In this report, matches of 12 different sports have been examined in 92 countries.

Investigation of 12 sports in 92 countries

According to the report of the news agency PTI, Sportradar identified these suspicious matches with the help of a special application. Through this application called Universal Fraud Detection System, this company has identified suspicious matches in many sports including football, basketball, handball and cricket. The company has given all this information in its 28-page report titled ‘Betting, Corruption and Match Fixing’.

Football most ‘corrupt’, stigma of 13 in cricket

The sport in which most matches have been considered suspicious is the world’s most popular sport – football. According to the report, in the 2022 calendar year, a total of 775 matches were found suspicious in these 92 countries. Some cricket matches are also a part of this report. In this, it has been told that in total 13 cricket matches last year, there has been a possibility of suspicious activities. Cricket is far behind compared to other sports but it has been told in the report that these are the most suspicious cricket matches in a year.

Are such matches in India too?

Basketball is second only to football, in whose 220 matches, the possibility of corruption has been expressed. As far as cricket is concerned, it has not been told in the report that in which format or in which country these suspicious matches have been found. News agency PTI also sought information from the company in this regard, but at present no reply has come on it. The graphics shown in the report do not have any mark on India, due to which it is being speculated that none of these 13 matches were played in India.