13 year old innocent became a murderer, was asking on social media the formula to hide the dead body of the girl…!

The American police was also taken aback after listening to the viral question on social media by the accused boy. At first he thought it was a prank of some madman.

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crime And when and where should the criminals think beyond what limits? No one in the world can imagine this before the concerned criminal. Such is the heart-wrenching story of a 13-year-old teenager. The one who killed the girl first. then fearlessly social media But after making the post viral, the world started asking how to dispose of the dead body? Isn’t it a shocking troubling question, listening to which even a strong hearted person can stop breathing. This is not a novel but a true story of a teenager present among us.

The American police was also taken aback after listening to the viral question on social media by the accused boy. At first he thought it was a prank of some madman. The boy but when for many days in a row, how to dispose of the dead body? When asked a question, the police had to get serious and get involved in the investigation of the matter. Ultimately, the accused was also caught by the Bensalem police of Pennsylvania. The girl who was murdered by the accused was also a minor. The accused was repeatedly making the picture of the dead body of the girl viral along with his question. Along with all these scary acts, the police also get a call on 911 about the murder of a girl in the area. From this, it was decided that by making the photo of the dead body repeatedly viral on social media, the teenager asking the formula to dispose of the dead body and his story is not fake at all.

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video chat in the hands of the police

When the police got involved in the investigation, the police got hold of the video chat from the girl’s parents which took place between the girl and the boy. In the video, that boy was repeatedly repeating that someone had been killed. Who was murdered, when, why and where? Kishore was not opening the answer to this question in the video chat. In the video of the dead body that the accused was making viral on social media, only the feet of the dead body were visible. The rest of the upper torso was not visible, so that it can be identified who is going to die or who is going to die? Means whose dead body is seen in the video?

The reason for the murder is not known

According to the news of New York Times, it became clear in the police investigation that the ORP boy is a resident of Ridge Trailer Park area of ​​Bensalam. On seeing the police, the boy started running. The boy also managed to escape from the police. Inside the house, the police found a dead body of a girl lying inside the bathroom. A few days after the body was found, the police arrested the accused Kishore (suspected murderer) as well. The accused was produced before the court. Where despite being a minor, in view of the incident of murder committed by him, the court refused to grant him bail. The police sent the teenager to the Child Protection Home on the orders of the court. It is a different matter that despite having the dead body and the accused in the girl’s murder in hand, the police have so far failed to find out what was the reason for the murder? On the other hand, seeing the age of the teenager, the psychiatrists have stopped the police from going to him immediately. So that there is no side effect on the teenage mind.