16 lakh women got a gift of 1000 crores from the Prime Minister, they will also get the benefit

The Prime Minister also transferred the honorarium of Rs.4000 for the first month in the accounts of Business Correspondent Sakhi. This will benefit 20 thousand business correspondents.

Financial help to women businessmen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given many gifts to the women doing their business today. Today the Prime Minister transferred Rs 1000 crore to the Self Help Group. At the same time, the honorarium of the first month was also transferred to Business Correspondent Sakhi. Along with this, the transfer of funds to the beneficiaries of Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangal Yojana also started today. The Prime Minister made these announcements in a special program of his Prayagraj tour.

Many big announcements for women

Today the Prime Minister started transferring 1000 crores to the account of Self Help Group. This will benefit about 16 lakh women members of these groups. This transfer of amount is being done under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM). According to this, 80 thousand groups are getting Community Investment Fund (CIF) at the rate of Rs 1.1 lakh per self-help group and 60 thousand groups are getting operational funds at the rate of Rs 15 thousand per self-help group.

Business Correspondent Sakhi Honorarium of Rs.4000

In this program, the Prime Minister also transferred the honorarium of Rs 4000 for the first month to the accounts of 20 thousand Business Correspondent Sakhi – BC Sakhi. Business Correspondent provides door-to-door financial services. They are given an honorarium of Rs 4000 for 6 months so that they can work permanently. And once the work increased, they started earning regular income from commission when they were on transaction. During the Prime Minister’s program, the transfer of more than Rs 20 crores was also started to more than one lakh beneficiaries under Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangal Yojana. Under this scheme, cash money is transferred to the girl child in different stages like two thousand rupees on the occasion of birth, one thousand rupees after getting all the necessary vaccinations after one year, 2000 rupees on taking admission in first class. 2 thousand rupees are transferred for admission in class VI, 3,000 rupees for admission in class 9, 5000 rupees are transferred on admission to any degree diploma course. Along with this, the Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of 202 Supplementary Nutritions Manufacturing Units, which are being funded by Self Help Groups. 1 crore per unit is spent on their construction. These units will supply supplementary nutrition to the Integrated Child Development Scheme. Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of nutrition manufacturing units today. These units are being financed by self-help groups and the cost of construction of these units will be about one crore rupees per unit. These units will supply supplementary nutrition under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) to 600 blocks of the state. These schemes are expected to help women businessmen a lot in increasing their work. At the same time, other steps will help to encourage more and more women to start their own work.

What is SHG

Self help is a group of women working on a very small scale who use the funds created by combining their resources and savings to increase their business, it can include up to 10-25 women and the group can be involved in any micro business. is connected. The SHG has to register and open a bank account. If the SHG is able to perform well within a stipulated time frame, then it starts getting easy loans by the bank and benefits of many government schemes. The government is continuously promoting SHGs so that women can get an opportunity of income and they can use their free time properly on their own terms.

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