16 percent increase in domestic production of minerals, better performance of gold and coal sector

According to the data released by the government, magnesite, gold, bauxite, lignite, natural gas, coal. There has been an increase in the production of chromite. At the same time, there has been a decline in crude, iron ore, manganese ore, limestone, diamond.

Domestic production of minerals up by 16 percent

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Mineral production in the country (MineralsThe situation is showing steady improvement, according to the data released by the government, the domestic production of minerals affecting the country’s import bill has increased. According to a release by the Ministry of Mines, there has been a growth of 16 percent in the production of minerals during April-December in the current financial year. Whereas magnesite, gold (Gold, Coal ,Coal ProductionSignificant growth was achieved in the production of lignite, bauxite and chromite. According to the release, the Mineral Production Index of Mining and Quarrying Sector stood at 120.3 for the month of December, 2021, which is 2.6 percent higher than the level achieved in the month of December, 2020. As per provisional data of Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), the cumulative growth for the period April-December, 2021-22 has been higher by 16.0 per cent over the corresponding period of last year.

how much minerals were produced

According to the release, in December 2021, 748 lakh tonnes of coal, 39 lakh tonnes of lignite, natural gas 2814 million cubic meters, 2.5 million tonnes of crude, bauxite 2492 thousand tonnes, chromite 384 thousand tonnes, copper concentrate, gold 106 kg, iron ore 209 lakh Tons, manganese ore 273 thousand tons, limestone 309 million tons, phosphorite 110 thousand tons, magnesite 11 thousand tons and diamond 70 carats have been produced. If compared with last year, important minerals showing positive growth during December, 2021 as compared to December, 2020 are 73.2 percent in Magnesite, 71.0 percent in Gold, 27.1 percent in Bauxite, 21.4 percent in Lignite, 19.5 percent in Natural Gas. percent, coal has seen a growth of 5.3 percent and chromite 5.3 percent. On the other hand, other important minerals showing negative growth in production include crude 1.8 percent, iron ore 6.2 percent, manganese ore 7.3 percent, limestone 7.5 percent, and diamond 97.6 percent.

Government’s attempt to increase the production of minerals

The government is constantly trying to increase the production of minerals, in which crude and coal are the most important. Actually, with the increase in the prices of both of these, the demand is also increasing. At present, the prices of both crude and coal are at their upper levels. Due to this a lot of pressure is being seen on the import bill. The government has already informed that the area for exploration of crude oil will be doubled. Along with this, efforts will be made to reduce the import of crude oil by increasing the emphasis on green energy. On the other hand, the auction of new mines for coal continues. Last week alone, 10 mines in 5 states have been auctioned.

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