2 groups of Indian students won NASA’s challenge, got award

Two groups of Indian students have won NASA’s “2022 Human Exploration Rover Challenge” to identify potential new-generation space explorers. A total of 91 teams were involved in the virtual award ceremony held on 29 April. These included 58 college teams and 33 high school teams. Decent Children Model Presidency School from Punjab was the winner of the STEM Engagement Award in the High School Division. Meanwhile, a team from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Institute of Technology was declared the winner of the Social Media Award at the College/University Division.

Under the challenge, student teams from the US and other countries were to design, engineer and test a human-powered rover. These teams also completed many mission related assignments. Teams from high school and college competed against each other in everything from design to documentation and presentation. It is reported that this year the students were asked to design a course.

The event was organized by NASA’s Stem Engagement Office. It encourages students to pursue degrees and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths and organizes a variety of challenges and competitions.

Talking about some more news related to NASA, how do the astronauts talk to each other during the radio system shutdown in space or any disturbance during the mission or during the space walk, NASA has shown this in its new video. is explained. This video of NASA has been specially prepared for the students on its STEM YouTube channel. The video features astronauts Raja Chari and Kayla Barron making their point through some interesting nonverbal ways. He has learned to express himself during his training to live and work at the International Space Station.

Baron explains in this video that what we usually do is use the “ok” hand signal. In the video, the two try to explain how they communicate with each other through gestures while in space. In the video, Chari explains that there are a lot of nonverbal things that just come from working with people. Signals become more important during spacewalks.



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