28% jump in GST collections in July, 1.49 lakh crores in the exchequer

In the month of July, the GST collection registered a jump of 28 per cent on a yearly basis and the total tax collection stood at Rs 1.49 lakh crore.

1.49 lakh crores came to the treasury in July.

fifth consecutive month GST Collection ,GST Collections) has been beyond 1.4 lakh crores. In the month of July, with the help of Goods and Services Tax, a total of Rs 1.49 lakh crore came to the exchequer. The GST collection was 1.44 lakh crores in June, 1.40 lakh crores in May, 1.67 lakh crores in April and 1.42 lakh crores in March. On a yearly basis, a jump of 28 per cent was registered in the GST collection in July. Apart from this, this is the second highest figure of tax collection in any one month.

The contribution of Central GST to the total GST collection in July was 25751 crore. The contribution of State GST was Rs 32807 crore and that of Intra GST was Rs 79518 crore. With the help of cess, a total of 10920 crore rupees came to the government exchequer.

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