3 reasons why Deepak Chahar can become hardik pandya….

India-Sri Lanka The second match of the three-match ODI series between Team India, which had lost this match at one point of time, has made a comeback on the strength of Deepak Chahar and has won a spectacular victory. The Indian team had a very poor start in the second ODI. Shaw (13) and Kishan (1), who played 43 and 59 in the first match, were dealt cheaply. But, the lower level batsmen did wonders.

Although the expectations of the fans from Hardik Pandya were dashed, but Suryakumar (52), Krunal (35) and fast bowler (69) made the victory easy. Bhuvneshwar also scored an unbeaten 19 runs. In this special report, we are going to talk about those 3 reasons, on the basis of which it can be said that the better option of Hardik Pandya can be fast bowler Chahar.

1. Taking wickets in the opening and death overs

First of all we will talk about the bowling of Deepak Chahar, for which he is known. But, while giving Team India a great victory in the second match against Sri Lanka, he has also proved that he knows how to do wonders not only with the ball but also with the bat. Fans were probably unaware of this talent of his, which has emerged in the coaching of Rahul Dravid.

Talking about bowling, he is known only for giving success to the team in the opening over. In the second ODI, he also presented its sample. But, because of Manish Pandey and Bhuvneshwar, he was disappointed. But, after this he also took wickets in the last few overs and prevented the host batsmen from scoring maximum runs. He also troubled the batsmen fiercely with his swing bowling.

Talking about Hardik Pandya on the other hand, his bowling is no longer showing the same aggression as before. Even, they are facing a lot of struggle. Not only in bowling but also in batting he is in the same condition. In the second one-day match, he was also seen struggling with the bat and returned to the pavilion on the ball of De Silva without opening the account.

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