3 ways IPL can help the team to win the T20 World Cup

IPL from 19th September and then from 17th October T20 World Cup will begin. Meaning, only T20 cricket will continue to thrive for the entire two months. In such a situation, all the Indian players will also be under pressure, because they are associated with some or the other franchise and they will not get any chance to rest in the IPL.

In such a situation, there will also be a question in his mind that how will he perform in the World Cup in the midst of this busy schedule. But, the solution to this problem is with all the IPL franchises. There are some ways in which he can help the Indian team to win the T20 World Cup title.

IPL franchises can help Indian team in these three ways

1. Rest the fast bowlers at the right time

All the franchises playing IPL have the best fast bowlers. Who specializes in taking wickets at the required time. Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami are all excellent fast bowlers and one of the most important players for both their IPL team and the national team.

However, there is a difference here that IPL teams have their backup, but the Indian team does not have their backup. In such a situation, the franchise should give rest to their fast bowlers at the right time, not getting them to bowl in all the matches continuously. In such a situation, the chances of them getting injured will be less and the chances of staying fresh will remain more.