32-year-old bowler did not even give 32 runs, wickets dropped from the line, made a record, VIDEO

32-year-old Tabrez Shamsi took 5 wickets for 24 runs in 4 overs for England. He has taken 5 wickets for the first time in his T20I career.

Tabrez Shamsi dismissed 5 batsmen for 24 runs

Image Credit source: VideoGrab

New Delhi: There is an outcry in the England cricket team. that’s because South Africa A bowler has done wonders. He had never seen this style before. We are talking Tabrez Shamsi Key, who made England play the game with his left hand. This 32-year-old bowler made England’s condition in such a way that he did not even allow him to score 32 runs against himself and also took wickets from one line to the wicket. As a result, England had to face a crushing defeat.

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