382 people will get jobs in BBC, two radio services will also stop, know the complete plan

The BBC reported that the broadcaster is going to shut down two of its radio services. The BBC says that such a decision is being taken due to the needs of changing audiences around the world.

A big decision has been taken by BBC regarding Digital Platform. (signal photo)

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A total of 382 employees of BBC World Service are going to lose their jobs. These employees have been blamed for the cost-cutting program of the BBC World Service. The broadcaster himself has announced this on Thursday. Along with this, the BBC told that the broadcaster is going to shut down two of its radio services. shutting down broadcast service BBC Digital Getting ready to shift to the platforms. The BBC also told that the company is going to send some of its journalists away from Britain.

The BBC broadcaster says that these changes are being made to BBC Arabic and BBC Farsi Radio. There will be a total of about 382 post closures in this. A notification has also been issued by BBC in this regard.

Languages ​​will not change in BBC Digital Platform

According to a statement issued by the BBC, the target is to give jobs to 382 employees working in broadcast on the digital platform. Planning has been done under this. BBC World Service will continue to operate in all languages ​​and countries where it is currently present. It also includes new languages ​​added during its expansion in 2016. No language or services will be discontinued.

BBC Notification View here.

The BBC has confirmed the transfer of some of its World Service journalists away from the UK. It is set to introduce a digital-first model, which will result in a net loss of around 382 jobs. After the implementation of the proposals, more than half of the 41 language services will go digital.

Now BBC will have only one 24-hour news channel which will cover both UK and International. Apart from this, smaller channels like CBBC, BBC Four and Radio 4 Extra will be closed. The company is in the process of becoming a fully digital media organization. The BBC’s Director-General Tim Davey had said that it had planned to cut 1,000 members of staff in the first few years.