4 billion years ago, Mars used to tremble due to ‘Great Explosion’, volcanoes kept erupting for 500 million years, the planet was ruined by gas and lava

Mars Volcanoes Latest News: We hear the news of volcanic eruptions on Earth every day, but did you know that it used to happen on Mars too? Scientists have come to know that thousands of times volcanic eruptions and Super Eruptions in Mars occurred in Arabia Terra (the northern part of Mars). This happened here for 50 million years. Many explosions were so deadly that they released dust and toxic air into the air, blocking even sunlight. Its effect has been on the Red Planet’s climate for decades.

Scientists studied mineral composition in the Arabia Terra region on the northern side of Mars, which they found evidence of thousands of eruptions or “mega eruptions” that proved the largest volcanic eruptions ever occurred. These eruptions took place on Mars (Mars Volcano Eruption) for a period of 500 million years, about 4 billion years ago, spewing water vapor, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the air. Scientists have given information about this estimate in a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in July 2021.

The impact of the explosion on the environment

Mars Volcano.jpg 2.jpg

Volcanic eruption craters on Mars, photo – NASA

The study was led by Patrick Whaley, a geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He says, ‘Every single volcanic eruption has had an impact on the environment. It may be that the gas coming out of it has made the atmosphere thick and blocked the sunlight from coming here. Due to which the atmosphere is so cold (Mars Atmosphere). Samples of the Red Planet’s climate will try to understand how the volcano has been affected.

How was the experiment done?

For the study, 400 million molten rock and gas the size of an Olympic swimming pool were detonated. After which a thick sheet of ash was formed in the area of ​​thousands of miles. Which showed that such a terrible explosion can make a crater, which is called a caldera. Which are also found on earth and are up to dozens of miles wide. There are 7 similar caldera on the Arabian Terra of Mars, due to which there is a possibility that there may have been great eruptions in the volcano here.

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