4 slaps for being out on zero in IPL, former RR player made a big disclosure

Former New Zealand cricket team veteran batsman Ross Taylor is in discussions due to his upcoming autobiography, in which he has made some shocking revelations.

Ross Taylor was bought by Rajasthan Royals in 2011 for $1 million.

Image Credit source: PTI

Indian Premier League There is a lot of money rain on many players. This process has been going on since the beginning of IPL in 2008, in which some players are bought by paying big money. Obviously, the expectations of teams from such players are equally high. If a player is unable to perform, he is dropped from the team or released in the next season. But can a player get slapped for this?

Obviously this is not likely to happen and is expected, but it has happened. Former New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor has faced such a shocking incident. Taylor has been in discussions for the last few days due to his revelations and now he has made such a disclosure about IPL, which has raised questions on Rajasthan Royals.

RR owner slapped

Taylor, in his autobiography ‘Black and White’, recounts the incident when a Kiwi batsman was allegedly jokingly slapped by one of the then Rajasthan Royals owners for failing a match. This part of Taylor’s autobiography is published in the New Zealand website Stuff.co.nz. In it, Taylor wrote,

Rajasthan and Kings XI Punjab had a match in Mohali. The target was 195, I was out LBW on zero and we weren’t even close (to score)… one of the owners of the Royals came up to me and said, Ross, we got you a million dollar duck (out at zero) Didn’t give it and then slapped me three-four in the face.

This can’t happen in a game

Taylor was shocked by this incident. Although he wrote that these were not loud slaps, but cannot expect such an incident in professional sports. they wrote,

He was laughing and it wasn’t a loud slap, but I’m not entirely sure he was just joking. Under those circumstances, I didn’t want to make a fuss about it, but I couldn’t imagine it happening in any other professional sporting environment.

Ross Taylor, who retired from international cricket in the same year, spent his time with Royal Challengers Bangalore in the initial seasons of IPL and then became part of Rajasthan Royals in 2011. Rajasthan Royals bought him that year for one million dollars.