‘4 thousand tigers in the world, but Dravid only one’, the legend told the story of the forest

The New Zealand legend in his autobiography told a funny anecdote of his Ranthambore safari with Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid and Ross Taylor played 4 seasons of IPL together

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New Delhi. former New Zealand captain Ross Taylor Autobiography is very much discussed these days. He also made many shocking revelations in his book. Also tell many funny stories. Taylor, who retired from international cricket earlier this year, also mentioned in his book an incident when people were more interested in Rahul Dravid than seeing a tiger. Taylor mentioned in his book that he had gone to Ranthambore National Park with Dravid to see tigers.

Dravid saw the tiger in the 22nd safari

He wrote that I asked Dravid how many times have you seen a tiger. On this he said that I have never seen a tiger. I have gone on safari 32 times and not a single tiger was seen. After listening to Dravid, I wondered what, despite 21 safaris, the tiger was not seen even once. Taylor further said that if I had known in truth, I would not have gone. I would say I would watch the Discovery Channel. Taylor wrote that our driver got a radio call from his partner that he got the famous tag Tiger T17. Dravid was very thrilled. He was going to see the tiger in the 22nd safari.

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People started seeing Dravid except the tiger

He wrote that in the forest we stood next to the rest of the vehicles. The upper part of the SUV, slightly larger than the Land Rovers, was opened. The tiger was on a rock about 100 meters away. Taylor wrote that we were excited to see the tiger in the forest, but the cameras of the people present in the other vehicles immediately turned towards Dravid. People were as excited to see Dravid as we were to see the tiger. One reason for this may also be that there are 4 thousand tigers in the world, but Rahul Dravid There is only one. Dravid and Taylor played 4 seasons of IPL together from 2008 to 2011. Both were part of Royal Challengers Bangalore from 2008 to 2010. After this both became part of Rajasthan Royals. Ross Taylor’s autobiography will be released on August 11.