45000 people are forced to live in darkness in America, danger of new level surfaced

In the US state of North Carolina, 45 thousand people have to live in the dark since the incident of firing at 2 power stations on Saturday. A state of emergency has been declared there, along with curfew has also been imposed.

Shooting at two power stations in North Carolina

Image Credit source: @WillManidis

America occurred at 2 power stations in North Carolina crossfire The FBI is investigating. Thousands of people are upset after this attack, because they have to live without electricity. In Moore County, businesses, stores and restaurants were forced to close, traffic lights were shut down and emergency shelters were set up following the attack. emergency situation has been declared and schools are closed. There will be an overnight curfew till at least Friday.

There is no electricity in a total of 38,000 houses in winter. And 45,000 are forced to live without electricity. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned of a “new level of danger” after the incident and called for better protection of critical infrastructure. He said that protecting critical infrastructure like our power system should be a top priority.

When asked if the attack was being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism, Roy Cooper said investigators were leaving no stone unturned. Police said that the shooting was done by someone with criminal intent. This attack was done on Saturday.

It may take time to restore electricity and it is likely to be restored by Thursday. A major hospital has started using generators, while water and sewage services are also running on back-up generators. At the same time, federal officials are worried about such attacks. In Washington, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he was carefully following developments in the investigation.

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Governor Roy Kapur said that law enforcement is working diligently to find out who perpetrated this dastardly act. In the meantime, we are making sure people stay safe.