5 big asteroids size upto 150 feet passes earth 26 may potential hazard nasa more details

Asteroids remain a mystery as well as a challenge for space scientists. At the time of the formation of the solar system, these remaining pieces are told, that is, they can be the remains of the planets, it is said. By understanding their structure, scientists can find out how the different planets of the solar system would have been formed. Earth can also be in danger from them. A large planet has more gravity than asteroids, so they get pulled towards the planet. Tomorrow i.e. on May 26, not 1 or 2, but all 5 asteroids have passed close to the Earth. One of these asteroids was more than 130 feet. Let us know which were these 5 rocky pieces, which passed close to the earth yesterday.

NASA asteroid Keeps track of continuously. for its Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientists constantly keep an eye on these rocky pieces moving in space. Yesterday was a very dangerous day for the earth. Yesterday 5 asteroids passed by the earth, which were also of 100 feet to 130 feet in size. An asteroid named 2023 KF almost touched the earth yesterday. Its distance from the earth was about 42 lakh kilometers. It was a 130-feet asteroid, which if it collided with the Earth, would not know how much damage could have been done.

JPL also issued an alert for asteroid 2023 KX. This asteroid passed through a distance of only 38 lakh kilometers from the earth yesterday. Its size was 95 feet, which was as big as an aeroplane. Apart from this, NASA also tracked Asteroid 2023 KB2 yesterday. This asteroid is also said to be as big as an aeroplane. When it came near the earth both celestial bodies The minimum distance between them was around 28 lakh kilometres.

Not only this, according to the space agency, the fourth asteroid as big as a house has also passed near the Earth yesterday. Its name has been told as 2023 KC3. It was a 58-feet rocky piece, which if it fell on the earth, could bring destruction over a large area. Apart from this, a possible attack of a fifth asteroid on the earth has also been postponed. It was an asteroid named 2023 KZ. Its size is 39 feet. When it was closest to the Earth, the distance between the two was only 21 lakh kilometers. It has passed very close. These days asteroids are constantly moving towards the earth. In such a situation, there is a possibility of a big danger from them.


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