5 most winning man of the match award in IPL ..

IPL 2021 (IPL 2021) has started. This league is becoming more exciting as it progresses. It is a platform for the players, from where it does not take long for people to change their fortunes. This is a big reason that it has been named the world’s largest league. So far, many players have presented a sample of the best performance through this tournament. The league was started in the year 2008 and with the passage of time, it is the only number-1 in the world. T20 League Has attained the status of

With the start of the 14th season, through this report, today we are going to tell you about the 5 players who have won the Man of the Match for the most time in IPL history so far. is. There are Indian players in this list, but with them, foreign players are the most dominant.

5 cricketers who have won the Man of the Match award for the most number of times

AB de Villiers

In this list, first talk about the legendary batsman of South Africa and current RCB player AB de Villiers. Which are known as 360 degrees in the entire cricket world. IPL 2021 has started and this season, he has once again caught the attention of the people with his stormy batting. Also, so far his name is at the forefront of the list of man of the match awards. Who has captured this award so far in the entire season of IPL. De Villiers has achieved this feat 24 times.

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