5 occasions when the cricketer started scuffles on the field

By the way, cricket is called a gentleman’s game. Where every player is recognized for his game and sportsmanship. But, sometimes it happens that sometimes in this gentleman game, there are fights between the players and sometimes these fights also turn into fights.

Today we are going to tell you about some such fights in the cricket world when the players started quarreling with each other on the cricket field itself. Due to this act of his, cricket was also defamed. Although there are some debates in every game, but these fights are quite different from them.

These are the 5 famous fights of the cricket field

1. Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels

In January 2013, during a cricket match in the Big Bash League, Marlon Samuels had some argument with David Hussey. Marlon did not know that this action of his was going to be very expensive. In fact, in this match, Shane Warne returned him the favor of this act along with Sood.

in the middle of the match Shane Warne Deliberately one throw to Marlon Samuels. On which Marlon angrily turned his bat towards Warne. The matter had reached such a point that both of them had grabbed each other’s collar. After this sentence, along with fines on both the players, Warne was also banned for one match.

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