5 planets are going to appear together from the earth 28th March 2023 full details

Are you interested in the happenings in the sky? You can get to see a special sight this month. As per reports, on March 28, 5 planets of our solar system will be visible from Earth. Immediately after sunset, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus are expected to be seen in a straight line at one place in the sky. It is common to see two to three planets in the sky, but when 5 planets appear together, the sight becomes special.

reports According to, there is no mistake in seeing this special sight in the sky, some apps can also be used for this. These apps give real time updates, tell how the stars are mapped in the sky. Experts are predicting that all 5 planets will be seen in a straight line in the sky and will be visible in a small area.

reports It has also been said that those who want to witness this phenomenon, if they get a good telescope, then it will be icing on the cake. However, binoculars will be needed on that day specifically to see Uranus. Some planets will be visible even without a telescope. Those who could not see the planets on that day, they will be able to see all the planets with the help of binoculars for the next few days.

Which planet will be visible clearly, which is blurred

Mail Online quoted an expert told It is said that both the planets Venus and Jupiter are very bright. They can be seen with naked eyes. Mars is a bit hazy, but it can also be seen with the naked eye. There will be trouble in seeing Mercury. To see it, the sky should be very clear and the area around you should be dark. When the turn comes to see Uranus, it will not be possible without a telescope.

Some experts say that it is hardly possible to see all the five planets together. It will depend a lot on the weather of the people’s area. If the weather is bad then not a single planet may be visible.