590 feet asteroid moving towards the earth at a speed of 50 thousand kilometers per hour! NASA said – Big danger after 2 days!

Space is infinite and it is not yet in the hands of man to measure it. But in the last few years, space scientists have definitely invented new generation telescopes, with the help of which now millions of years can be reached in space. Scientists have been telling that apart from planets and stars, there are many such celestial objects in our space about which we still know very little. Asteroid is also one of these. These are such celestial bodies that continuously revolve around our solar system.

For the past several months, asteroids have been continuously passing through the Earth. Recently many asteroids have turned towards the earth. wandering in space Meteorite Or asteroids, according to space agencies, are a threat hovering around the earth. These are also called minor planets or small planets. space agency NASA Has again issued information about a large asteroid coming close to the earth.

The space agency NASA has issued a warning of a giant 509-foot meteorite coming close to Earth. Its name has been told as CM 2023. This asteroid will be closest to the Earth on 14 March 2023 i.e. 2 days from today. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), when this meteorite will be closest to the Earth, then its distance will be 24,50,000 kilometers. This asteroid is said to be the size of a large building.

Astroid CM 2023 was first viewed on 2 Feb 2023. According to NASA, this meteor body is moving towards the earth at a speed of 50,472 kilometers per hour. The agency says that usually the speed of the meteor body is 25 thousand to 40 thousand kilometers per hour, but its speed is very surprising, which is more than 50 thousand kilometers per hour.

NASA has said that if an asteroid of such a large size collides with the earth, it can damage a large part of the earth. But the space agency has also said that the probability of a meteor hitting the Earth is 1 in 600. If you believe the warning of NASA, then the danger is big. For the last several months, meteor bodies have been continuously passing near the earth. The incidents of meteorites coming towards the earth are continuously increasing. Therefore, the potential danger associated with meteorites cannot be completely ruled out. <!–


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