5G: Jio device worth Rs 2500 will save your cow from the havoc of lumpy disease!

The launch of 5G network will not only benefit humans, but it will also help in the care of animals. Jio has introduced a similar device at the India Mobile Congress 2022. Its name is ‘Cattle Tracker’, which keeps an eye on the health of the cows. As thousands of cows have died across the country due to lumpi disease, a device like ‘Cattle Tracker’ can save cows from dying.

In a conversation with Gadgets360 Hindi, the representative of Jio said that humans can speak their mind, but this is not the case with animals. Cattle Tracker understands their plight. It is applied around the neck of the cow, which monitors its health. According to Jio, the ‘cattle tracker’ informs the owner of the cow even before the cow’s health deteriorates.

The user gets an alert in the app on his phone. The name of the app is ‘Jio Gau Samridhi’, which has come for Android users. This app and device also supports 4G network. The price of Jio’s ‘Cattle Tracker’ is Rs 4,000, but it is currently being sold for only Rs 2500. Delivery is also limited.

We asked a Jio representative if this tracker cannot be worn by any other animal. He told that it is made only for cows. However, in the future, such trackers can also be brought for other animals like buffalo and horse. According to Jio, they will also have the same technology, only the software level will be upgraded.

A glimpse of Jio Smart Retail was also seen

Jio Smart Retail (Jio Smart Retail) device was also seen in Jio’s pavilion. It can be used by cloth shopkeepers. Jio Smart Retail is a virtual fitting room. Remember when you go to buy clothes, you have to go to the trial room to try their fitting. Due to the crowd, a lot of time goes there. On the contrary, Jio Smart Retail gives you the freedom to try on any dress instantly. Select the dress first, then your fitting. It will come on the front screen that how that dress will be on you. This solution saves people from overcrowding the trial room. The company has not told anything about its launch.