700 Indian students to return from Canada, fake documents found during investigation

A large number of students from India go to study in Canada. These students reach here through agents. Agents lure that they will get admission in top universities of Canada. But this does not happen. When the Canadian officials investigated, they found that the documents of the students were fake.

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Large number of students from India study abroad Indian students are found in abundance in famous universities of all the countries of the world including America, Canada, Russia, Britain. These people go here with study visa. 700 Indian students are being deported from Canada. According to the information, the documents submitted by the officials in the educational institution were found to be fake. Experts said that most of these students have already completed their studies, obtained work permits and also gained work experience. He got into trouble only when he applied for PR (permanent residence).

According to media reports these 700 students had applied for study visa through Education Migration Services (located in Jalandhar) headed by Brijesh Mishra. He charged more than Rs 16 lakh per student for all expenses including admission fee in the premier institute Humber College. Ticket and security money was not included in this. These students had gone to Canada for studies in 2018-19. The fraud came to light when these students applied for Permanent Residence in Canada. After this, their documents were examined. The CBSA verified the documents on the basis of which the visas were issued to the students. The documents of the students were found to be fake.

Such fraud surfaced for the first time

This education fraud is unique in its kind which came to the fore in Canada for the first time. Experts said that such a huge fraud is the result of a large number of applicants in Canada. A consultant from Jalandhar, who has been sending students to Canada for the last 10 years, told The Indian Express that there are several factors involved in such frauds. From obtaining fake offer letters from colleges to providing fake fee payment receipts to students seeking visas. Because the visa is issued only after depositing the fees to the colleges.

Agents cheated due to huge crowd of students

Another agent reported that most of the students in this case were provided with offer letters from colleges they ultimately did not attend after arriving in Canada. They were either transferred to other colleges or asked to wait for the next semester. The huge crowd of Indian students in Canada and such desperation of students is being cashed in by some fraudulent agents in association with a private college based in Canada.

The matter should be investigated – Agent

Many students said that their fees were refunded to them by the said agent due to which they took admission in some other colleges but they did not update about it to the Government of Canada and refunding the fees (by the agent) raised less suspicion about the agent Happened. Another advisor pointed out that in this matter the role of the colleges which had issued the ‘admission offer letters’ should be probed, i.e. whether they (colleges) actually issued them or they were forged by agents. He also said that the involvement of such colleges cannot be ruled out as students are mostly unaware of such things.