75-year-old player won gold in CWG, after a day, the biggest record in history was broken

The record for the oldest medalist in the history of the Commonwealth Games did not completely last even a day. The compatriot only broke the record

George Miller won the mixed pair gold medal for Scotland in the para mixed B2/B3 lawn ball event.

Image Credit source: team scotland twitter

Birmingham. Commonwealth Games 2022 New records are being made every day. Players are breaking old records and setting new records. Now a player from Scotland has registered his name in the history of Commonwealth Games. George Miller of Scotland has made a special achievement in his name. George Miller has become the oldest player to win a medal in Commonwealth Games history. He won the medal on the 8th day of the Commonwealth Games 2022 at the age of 75 years and 8 months. Miller won the mixed pair gold medal for Scotland in the para mixed B2/B3 lawn ball event.

Miller was in the role of director

Melanie Innes was playing the lead role of the Scotland team, while Miller was the director. While Sarah Jane was playing the role of Skip director. Scotland defeated Wales 16-9 in the title match. It is also most interesting that the last oldest medalist Rosemary Lenton was also from Scotland and her record did not last even a day. Miller referred to the previous oldest medalist and compatriot Rosemary Lenton after the victory and said that I think Rosemary will be very happy with this medal. A day earlier on Thursday, at the age of 72, Rosemary won the gold medal by winning the Para Lawn Ball (Women’s Pairs) only.

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Steve came to play at the age of 62

A few days ago Steve Reilly of Fiji was in discussion. Joe became a coach-turned-player at the age of 62 to carry on the family tradition and challenged in the men’s singles at the Commonwealth Games. However, his journey did not progress beyond the group stage. They lost both their initial matches in a one-sided fashion. Steve Reilly will take to the court in mixed doubles with Titana.