7th pay commission: Good news for 1.12 crore central employees and pensioners, DA can be gifted on June 26

7th pay commission updated news: This is good news for about 52 lakh central employees and 60 lakh pensioners. A fresh update has come out regarding the Dearness Allowance of Central Employees and Dearness Relief to the pensioners. The National Council of JCM, the body representing the Central Government Servants (CGS), is going to have an important meeting on June 26.

The National Council of JCM consists of officers from the Department of Personal Training (DoPT) and the Ministry of Finance. According to the information received from the sources, there will be a discussion regarding the Dearness Allowance arrears in the meeting to be held on June 26. This information has been given by the National Council of JCM. The cabinet secretary will preside over this meeting.

The issue of arrears will be discussed

Shiv Gopal Mishra of the National Council of JCM said that the agenda of this meeting is the arrears of dearness allowance to central employees and dearness relief to pensioners under the Seventh Pay Commission. Let us tell you that due to Corona, the government had frozen the Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief from 1 January 2020.

Has been frozen since 1 January 2020

Every six months there is an updation regarding the Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief. Accordingly, it should have changed on 1 January 2020, 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021. Mishra said that the Cabinet Secretary and the Ministry of Finance is adopting a very positive and cooperative attitude regarding DA, DR arrears.

Good news may come for 1.12 crore government people

The National Council of JCM expects that good news can come about 1.12 crore central government employees and pensioners in the meeting of 26 June. The council hopes that the government will give good news about arrears. The council has given the government another option regarding arrears. The National Council of JCM had told the government that if it is unable to pay the arrears together, it can pay it in installments.

The meeting was to be held on 8 May

The meeting to be held on 26 June was earlier scheduled to be held on 8 May, but the effect of Corona in Delhi was very high, so this meeting was postponed. The government has announced to restore DA and DR from July 1. However, no announcement has been made regarding the arrears yet.

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