9 Years Of PM Modi: Foreign cricketers are also fans of PM Narendra Modi, praise for these reasons. 9 Years of Modi: Foreign Cricketers praise PM Narendra Modi for his work

Foreign players are also fans of PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always shown special interest towards sports during his tenure. Along with this, he is often seen meeting and discussing with the players. Be it meeting the Olympic or Commonwealth medal winners or participants or congratulating the cricket team on its victory, PM Modi Always make time for them. In such a situation, it is natural for Indian players to praise Modi. But many foreign players are also his fans.

In the last few years, PM Modi has also been successful in gaining popularity among foreign cricketers for different reasons. Be it congratulating Jonty Rhodes’ daughter on her birthday or writing a special message to Chris Gayle on Republic Day, Modi’s style has managed to make a mark not only among his and his party’s fans but also among these cricketers. Are.

Pietersen is a fan of PM Modi

Former England captain and veteran batsman Kevin Pietersen has a special attachment to India. Not only Indian cricket, but Pietersen continues to make efforts for environmental protection in India as well. In such a situation, even Peterson could not hide his happiness when he saw another environment lover in the form of PM Modi.

A few days ago Peterson had praised this style of the Prime Minister. In March itself, Pietersen had met PM Modi and described it as a proud moment for himself.

Gayle and Rhodes have also praised

A few years ago, Modi had also congratulated India Rhodes, daughter of former South African veteran cricketer Jonty Rhodes, on her birthday. Jonty Rhodes was also happy with this congratulation from the Indian PM and he thanked the Prime Minister for this.

Not only this, it is the same thing as last year. PM Modi former veteran batsman of Rhodes and West Indies chris gayle Including some foreign players, special letters were sent on the Republic Day of India, in which they were also thanked for the attachment of these veterans towards India. Chris Gayle even wrote that the Prime Minister’s message deepens his relations with India.