9th and 11th examinations canceled in Delhi government schools, result will come on June 22

9th and 11th examinations have been canceled in Delhi government schools. Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia gave this information in a press conference today. Sisodia said, “In all the schools where even the mid-term exams were not conducted or some could not be done and some could not, in all such schools, the child has performed the best (BEST 2) in the two subjects. They will be promoted to the next class on the basis of the number obtained on the basis of marks and mark sheet will be prepared by giving marks in other subjects as well.

The results of class 9th and 11th in Delhi government schools will be declared on June 22. This result can be seen on the website of the Education Department but no school can call the students to the school.

There are some students who gave only one mid term paper or there are some who did not give any exam or there will be students who gave mid term exam but could not pass in it or pass their marks. Those who did not come, all those children will be given one more chance for the examination.

The examination of such children will not be done physically i.e. by calling them in school. They will be assessed through reassessment projects and assignments and will be at the school level. A complete guideline will be issued for this.

Admission process in class VI to IX from this day

Manish Sisodia said that online registration will be done for the children who want to take admission in class VI to IX in Delhi government school. Registration will open from tomorrow evening. Online application can be made between June 11 to 30, the announcement about admission will be made by July 14.

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