A girl whose confidence was crushed by her school teachers, wandered in the dark alleys of Bollywood but found her destination

Actress Kubra Sait, who won critical acclaim for the Netflix series Sacred Games, has described her struggles and life journey in the film industry in her biography ‘Open Book’. Read what he said…

Kubra San has included important things from film career and personal life in his biography Open Book: Not Quiet a Memoir.

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netflix Series Sacred Games (2018) received critical acclaim for Actress Kubra Sait He is also a writer. He has also acted in films like Ready (2011), Sultan (2016), Gully Boy (2019), Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare (2020) and RK/RKay (2022). HarperCollins India earlier this year Published his biography Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir. If you are curious about the journey of ‘outsiders’ in the film world who do not come from Bollywood families, then this is a celebrity book that you will love.

She recalls her first professional shoot with Munna S for her portfolio and says that “she is one of the most sought after photographers in Mumbai”. Sait could not pay his fees, so he requested actor Sonu Sood for a discount. She knew Sood as she worked with Sood in Ali F Mustafa’s film City of Life (2009). Sait writes, “I am telling you, connections work everywhere. Instead of Rs 1 lakh for sixteen photographs, Munna did ten photo shoots for Rs 45,000.”

How did he get the role of Kuku in Sacred Games?

This is an interesting story, Sait has told about it in detail in this book. One day, when Sait was at a shop in Bandra, Mumbai, he met musicians Ankur Tiwari and Swanand Kirkire. They talked for a while and then Sait left. The same evening, Tiwari sent her a message, “I have something for you. I want you to give your best.” A few weeks later, Tiwari came back to Sait and told him that he would get a call from filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Kashyap is looking for someone to play a character. Kashyap had asked Tiwari to suggest the name. Tiwari mentioned Sait.

This will make you believe why luck, networking and being in the right place at the right time are important in Bollywood. Sait learned with great difficulty that talent alone was not enough. He had to prepare himself to say yes to opportunities that might have seemed strange to him at first. For example, she had to agree to wear a prosthetic penis to play a transgender in the Sacred Games. He got this memorable role by getting rid of obstructive thinking.

Sait did not grow up with an actor’s mindset. She writes, “It is a mistake to ‘learn to know everything’ during our studies. It’s a tag that shows you’re basically stupid at times.” She questions this thinking with examples from her own life. His first job was to sell cookies outside a shop in a mall. She has also worked in an IT firm, then was a marketing executive in a multinational company. For a short time she was a radio jockey and hosted many shows. Also worked at Microsoft.

This writer believes that getting exposed to opportunities and experiences is not a waste of time. They provide people with the time and skills they need to discover themselves. Although she does not offer it as a prescription, but this thinking worked for her. She writes about getting an assignment because of “a unique idea.” She writes “She stood out among people who had been doing the same thing for a decade or more.”

If you are interested in Sait’s relationship with actor, comedian and television host Danish, this book will tell you a lot. She writes, “I can’t even tell you how much I love him. As a child, I used to feel a sense of ownership over them. He had a motherly relationship with me…Danish used to play with my Barbies, and I with his GI Jose.” He had good times as well as challenges. Sait does not shy away from talking about the efforts made during this journey.

Talking about her personal life, Sait also writes about her parents, she reveals that her parents’ relationship was not good. This affected her own dating as well, as she wanted to have a relationship she hadn’t seen between her parents. It’s a big deal to engage in such a reflective act of telling the privacy of your home, getting it down on paper, and sharing it publicly. It would have taken a lot of courage for this.

With this book, Sait intends not only to tell his story but also to be a source of inspiration. You might not find it self-help literature, but it is certainly a book that will excite those who feel lost or defeated. It is amazing to read how a girl, whose confidence was crushed by school teachers, has turned into a woman who now feels secure about her place in the world and is constantly excited to rediscover herself.

(Chintan Girish Modi is a writer, trainer and journalist who tweets at @chintanwriting)

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