A research by Oxford University claims, politicians live more than ordinary people, know what is the reason

Politicians live more on average than common people

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A research by Oxford University has found that politicians live more than the general public. In this, a big disclosure has been made about the death rate among the general public and politicians.

Oxford University (Oxford UniversityThe study of ) has made a big disclosure about the mortality rate among the general public and politicians in a research. It has been told in research that politicians live longer lives than ordinary people. This research In this, the researchers have included high-income countries. research (research) found that the average life of a 45-year-old leader increased by 14.6 years, which is 4.4 years more than the average life of the general public. The researchers compared about 57 thousand leaders in this research to the common people.

Politicians take more advantage of education and health

Researchers from Oxford University (researcher) Philip Clarke and Lawrence Rope and the University of Melbourne ( University of Melbourne) of Lawrence Rupen Tran Dui recently conducted a study in several countries. In this study, the disparity of earned income between politicians and common people was made the basis. It is estimated that the disparity between income and wealth has increased since the 1980s.

One percent of the highest-income people in the world earn 20 percent of their income. This disparity is not only in income, but people with higher income than the common people also get more benefits of education and health.

Study done on people from 11 countries

The research also researched the mortality rate among politicians and the general public. In this research, the researchers included 11 high-income countries. In this study, data from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, USA has been analyzed. Based on these data, researchers have claimed that the average life of a 45-year-old politician of the 20th century has increased by 14.6 years, compared to 10.2 years among the common people, which is 4.4 years less than the average life of politicians.

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In this research, 57 thousand leaders have been compared with the general public for the study. In which it was found that the age of leaders is 15 years more than the common people. The study also states that politicians take more advantage of education and health than ordinary people.