A small moon of Jupiter discovered, amateur astronomer found the moon in the solar system like this

An amateur astronomer has discovered an unknown moon around the planet Jupiter (Jupiter Tiny Moon Discovered). This moon has been discovered on the basis of old telescope pictures of Jupiter. Giving information about the discovery in the ‘Space and Telescope’ report, Kai Lee, who discovered the moon, said that I am very happy to inform that this is the first such moon, which has been discovered by an amateur astronomer.

The planet Jupiter may have dozens or even hundreds of unseen moons, which are constantly orbiting the planet. This giant planet holds a large gravitational field within itself, due to which space debris reaches its orbit. Jupiter currently has 79 moons (List of Jupiter Moons) and this number is increasing. A new name has been added to the list of satellites of Jupiter planet due to the recent discovery by amateur astronomer Lee.

Moon detected from data gathered in 2003

Kai Lee discovered this moon while looking at a 2003 data set online. This data set was collected by researchers from the University of Hawai’i through the 3.6-meter Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). Lee paid close attention to the photographs collected in February of that year. During this the moon was looking very bright. This was happening because of a phenomenon known as protest. When the Sun and a planet Earth appear on opposite sides of the sky. Earth was present in the middle of a line between the Sun and Jupiter in February 2003. This allowed astronomers to see Jupiter’s system.

The moon was named EJc0061

At the same time, Lee also enlisted the help of another telescope called Subaru to establish the 22-day arc of the object. This showed that this claim of being a moon was linked to Jupiter’s gravity. This baseline allowed them to find and confirm the Moon’s existence with other datasets as well. In the ‘Space and Telescope’ article, Lee described this discovery as an amateur habit done in the summer. Currently, this moon has been named EJc0061, but no official name has been given to it yet.

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