A Supermassive Black Hole changed its direction now facing to earth full details

Black holes are such puzzles, which scientists engaged in solving get entangled as much as they know about black holes. If we want to understand black holes in simple words, then these are the places in our universe where no law of physics works. There is only gravity and dense darkness. The gravity of black holes is so powerful that even light does not escape from its effect. Whatever goes inside the black hole, it cannot come out. Now scientists have detected such a giant black hole, which has changed its direction and its direction is towards the Earth.

of the Royal Astronomical Society scientists did it Search is of. They have reclassified a galaxy, which is about 650 million light-years away. Scientists say that in the center of the galaxy named PBC J2333.9-2343 there is a relativistic jet i.e. a giant blackhole. Also there is a blazer i.e. Active Galactic Nucleus. You can also understand blazars in such a way that they are objects with a lot of energy.

A galaxy that scientists have reclassified as having a supermassive black hole at its center is about 40 times the mass of our Milky Way. Scientists say that the PBC J2333.9-2343 galaxy has changed its direction by 90 degrees and has now come directly towards the Earth.

Scientists studied the galaxy because it was behaving strangely. Scientists felt that the black hole of the galaxy had changed its direction, but scientists had to make many observations to reach their conclusion. Scientists have not been able to know why the direction of the black hole of the galaxy has changed. What effect it will have on our galaxy is also not known. Scientists are feeling that the direction-changing galaxy might have collided with another galaxy, due to which its direction may have changed.