Aakash Chopra On RCB: What did Akash Chopra say about Virat Kohli’s team, fans will be furious! , aakash chopra on rcb performance e saala cup rehnede ipl 2023 royal challengers bangalore

Akash Chopra spoke big about RCB. (IPL photo)

New Delhi: The team of Royal Challengers Bangalore once again got out after performing disappointingly in the IPL. This team could not even reach the playoffs in IPL-2023. The Bangalore team is one of those teams which has not been able to win the IPL even once. This team has played the final three times but failed all the three times. Former India opener on this Bangalore performance Aakash Chopra Has said a big thing.

Bangalore started this season well but this team could not show consistency in their game and got eliminated even after staying till the last time in the playoff race. Bangalore faced Gujarat Titans in their last league match. Bangalore was in dire need of victory to go to the playoffs but this team lost.

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‘Team depending on 4-5 players’

Akash has said on his YouTube channel that the Bangalore team is dependent on four-five players and this team needs to invest in Indian players. Akash said that for Bangalore, captain Faf Duplesey, Glenn Maxwell, Virat Kohli and Mohammad Siraj did well but the team cannot win the tournament on the basis of four-five players. Akash said that if the team does not invest in Indian players for the next two seasons, then no matter what happens, the E Sala Cup will continue instead of Namade.

fans are toxic

Sky Has also said a big thing about the fans of Bangalore. Akash has said that some fans of Bangalore are toxic but most of the fans of the team are fantastic. Akash said that there are some toxic fans of Bangalore on Twitter and Instagram. Akash said that the fanbase of Bangalore is fantastic and maybe that’s why this team has such a name even after not winning the trophy.

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