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At the moment people are very busy in our daily life. So now is not the time for people to read newspapers or watch television. That is why in this busy life no one is deprived of getting news. That is why we have opened this Online News Portal for the convenience of the people.

Our news portal publishes news in Bengali language. At the moment many news portals of the country have been sold. So they publish the news by mixing many colors in the real news. And that is why ordinary people are being deprived of true news. But in our news portal you will find absolutely true news. No color, no partisanship, no false propaganda; Our main goal is to first of all present all kinds of news from home and abroad in a truthful manner.

In this portal you will find patriotic news, political news, sports news, Indian Army news, movie world news, daily new and exciting news happening in the country and abroad. Apart from all these, various entertaining news, educational news, naughty sweet news to make the mind happy can be found on our news portal on a regular basis.

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