Accident on a beach packed with people in America, helicopter crashed straight from the sky into the sea, video surfaced

Helicopter Crash in Miami: A major accident kept happening on Miami Beach in America. Here a helicopter crashed in the sea. In which there is no report of any casualty.

Helicopter crashed in the sea in America

Image Credit source: Twitter

America (America) of a helicopter crash in the sea near Miami Beach in Florida (Helicopter Crash in Miami) It is done. The helicopter crashed a few feet from the spot where a large number of people were swimming. Officials have given this information. Two people on board the helicopter have been taken to the hospital and the condition of both is stable. The Miami Beach Police Department tweeted that it was called Southbeach (South BeachThe information about the crash of the helicopter in the area was received on Saturday afternoon.

In a video made public by the police, the helicopter is seen coming down towards the sea and crashing into the water. In the video, a large number of people are seen swimming near the said place. The Police Department said that the Federal Aviation Administration has reached the scene. Police said in another tweet, the middle area between 9th to 11th Street is currently closed. The FAA is acting in response to the incident. Police said in its tweet, additional information, three passengers were on board the helicopter. Two have been taken to the hospital.

Helicopter also crashed in California

A Huntington Beach police helicopter has crashed at sea off the coast of California, killing one officer and seriously injuring another. The officers provided this information. The Huntington Beach Police Department said the helicopter crashed near Newport Beach at around 6.30 p.m. on Saturday. Police officials told a press conference on Saturday night that the officer who died in the accident had worked for the department for 14 years. The second officer is serving in the department for 16 years. None of the officials have been named yet. The cause of the accident is being ascertained.

helicopter crashed in the sea

Shooting in the City of Portland

Another big incident has happened in America today. A woman was killed and five others were injured in a shooting at a park in the city of Portland, Oregon state. The Portland Police Bureau said officers arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a shooting at Normandale Park around 8 p.m. Saturday. Police said that when officers reached the spot, they found a woman dead while three women and two men were in injured condition who were rushed to the hospital. Police did not name any person involved in the shooting. Police said that investigation is going on in this regard.

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