Actor Pavan singh reply to trollers of Khesari lal yadav daughter

Bhojpuri actor Khesari Lal shared a video a few days back. In which he was looking very emotional. In the video, Khesari had told how a song is being made after taking his daughter’s name. In this video, he was also seen telling everyone not to do this. Don’t force a father. His grief was clearly visible in this video of the actor. Seeing that video of him, many Bhojpuri actors came in his support. Now Pawan Singh is also seen with him in this pain of Khesari.

live video of khesari After watching, along with Rani Chatterjee, Yamini Singh, now Pawan Singh is also seen talking in his support. However, the talk of enmity between Khesari Lal and Pawan Singh is already well known. But in spite of all this, Pawan Singh is seen with Khesari forgetting everything.

Recently Pawan Singh Has shared his video on a YouTube channel. In this video, he is saying, ‘If there is any mistake, then tell us. Or if the person in front has made a mistake, then tell him. You can speak anything to us but should not speak about our mother, our daughter. You guys don’t do this. It is better if it doesn’t get dirty. Every mother is our mother. Every daughter is our daughter. After saying this, Pawan Singh said, I do not want that I should say anything in anger.

In the video, he further said, ‘Let everyone’s songs come. Bless everyone because you are the real hero for everyone. Don’t know what goes on. We don’t live in all this. But there is a problem in my mind that what is going on in all this. I don’t want to speak but if I remain silent then it seems that why am I silent?’

Seeing this video, it is expected that everything will be fine between Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav. And both end mutual enmity and work together. However, in his entire video, Pawan Singh has not said anything about Khesari Lal or his daughter’s name anywhere.



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