Actress Nusrat Jahan Missing: Posters put up in Basirhat Lok Sabha area, Bengali film actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan ‘missing’

Photo: Posters showing the disappearance of actress and MP Nusrat Jahan in Basirhat Lok Sabha area.

Image Credit source: TV 9

West Bengal’s Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency MP and actress Nusrat Jahan is again in the headlines. Posters of his disappearance have been found in various areas of the Lok Sabha constituency.

Bengali film actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan ( Nusrat Jahan ) are often embroiled in controversies and now TMC MPs are ‘missing’. Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency of West Bengal (Bashirhat Lok SabhaPosters of Nusrat Jahan’s disappearance have been pasted at various places. It reads, “MP Nusrat Jahan is missing. I want to find out. Courtesy of ‘Workers of TeamC’. “Political turmoil has intensified after such posters were found in Basirhat Lok Sabha area. Let us inform that Nusrat Jahan is a TMC MP from Basirhat and recently broke up with her husband Nikhil Jain.Nurat Jahan and Nikhil Jain) And then she was in the headlines about the birth of the child. Now after the poster of ‘missing’ in Basirhat Lok Sabha area, questions are being raised on the MP’s political and activities in the area. The panchayat head of TMC herself is raising questions about the absence of the actress MP.

The local Trinamool panchayat chief says that after winning the votes of the common people, people expect that the MP will come to their area and solve their problems, but people can only see the MP on social media. It seems that someone has pasted the poster in the dark of night.

Nusrat Jahan is visible only on film screen and social media

In this context, District BJP Yuva Morcha’s Basirhat President Palash Sarkar said, “TMC MPs are seen on the film screen. She appears on social media, Facebook and Twitter. They don’t care about the common people. In fact, it has lost its existence even in the Trinamool Congress. “Champatala gram panchayat chief Humayun Raza Choudhary said, as soon as I came to know about this poster, I have been instructed to remove the poster. In the year 2009, Haji Noorul Sahab became an MP. He did a lot for the people. At the same time, people do not see Nusrat this way, because she is busy with work. There can be anger in people’s mind. We will tell this to the party.”

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Actress Nusrat Jahan is not seen in Basirhat area

Regarding the mention of TMC workers in the poster, the panchayat head said, “Party workers are common people. They vote and elect the chief, MP, MLA. Nusrat Jahan is not visible in the area. This can make people angry. She does not even attend any program.” CPIM North 24 Parganas district member Imtiaz Hussain said, “When Nusrat Jahan became a candidate, at that time we had said that this candidate has no political affiliation. They have no contribution towards the society. He has no real contact with the people of the society. If she wins, what will she do for Basirhat? I raised this question in 2019. Today in 2022 it has become a reality.”