Adani’s fire test, how will it overcome this biggest crisis of life…!

Billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani is probably going through the biggest crisis of his life these days. The report of a research company of America has brought an earthquake for his Adani group. How will the fleet of this crisis cross…?

The report of a US research company has brought a stir for the Adani group.

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From floor to floor and then from floor to floor… If we look at the past few years of billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani, then this line seems to be correct. Gautam Adani, who left school midway and started business with his father, has made his way to becoming the third richest person in the world in recent times, and now when Hindenburg Research, a US research company, has put a price tag on his group’s share price. He has been accused of exaggerating and fraud in accounting, so in one stroke he has slipped from the third richest person in the world to the seventh position.

For Gautam Adani, this time is no less than an ordeal. This incident has not only dented his company but also his personal image. This is probably the biggest crisis of his life.

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Adani’s property declined drastically

As the third richest person in the world, his wealth had crossed $125 billion. The report of Hindenburg Research has made such a dent in this that within 24 hours, a decline of about $ 21 billion was seen in his wealth.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, at present his wealth has come down to $ 92.7 billion. In the 29 days of January, there has been a direct decline of $ 27.9 billion in his wealth. Now he has remained the seventh richest person in the world. This report has put him behind Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison in one stroke.

Returns up to 1500% in three years

Adani Group has 7 companies listed in the stock market. According to the news of ET, if we look at the three years before this crisis, the return of shares of some of his companies has been up to 1500 percent. Because of this, he has taken his business forward very fast, as well as has spread it to different sectors.

Although his opponents consider his friendship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a reason behind this, Gautam Adani has denied such a thing on many occasions. Although both Gautam Adani and Narendra Modi come from the state of Gujarat.

Earth, fire, water, sky… everything is with Adani

If we look at the business of Adani Group, it is present in almost every sector of earth, fire, water and sky. Adani Group where it works in the mining sector (Earth). At the same time, he has a wide business in Solar Energy (Agni). Apart from this, Adani Group is now the largest company in the country to handle airport operations (Akash). At the same time, recently the company has talked about getting into the business of water purification to distribution (water). While Adani Ports of the group is the largest port operator company in the country.

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Apart from this, Adani Group also works in FMCG, power distribution, gas distribution, media, cement and realty and infrastructure segments with Fortune brand.