Adani’s name will continue to shine in London, will remain the sponsor of this place

After the report of Hindenburg Research, there is news of relief for the Adani group surrounded by criticism. A prestigious institution in London has decided to retain the sponsorship received from the Adani group, which means that their name will continue to shine at a famous place in London.

Adani group is going through its worst phase these days. After a report by Hindenburg Research, the shares of the group companies are continuously falling. Meanwhile, a good news has come from London for the group. The London Science Museum, a prestigious institution here, has announced the continuation of its partnership with the Adani Group, that is, the sponsor of a special gallery of the museum will continue to be the company of the Adani Group.

In fact, a gallery on green energy has been prepared in London Science Museum in collaboration with Adani Group. Gautam Adani signed a sponsorship deal in 2021 for this gallery named ‘Energy Revolution Gallery’. Know what is special in this gallery…

What did the London Science Museum say?

It has been said in media reports that the London Science Museum wants to keep this sponsorship deal intact. A museum spokesperson said that Adani Green Energy will continue to be the title sponsor of the gallery. In times of crisis, the museum’s faith in the Adani group is a relief for them.

However, there has been opposition to this deal since the beginning. People say that a significant portion of Adani Group’s income comes from coal power plants. In such a situation, how can the Science Museum take money from him for the gallery being built on green energy?

Special is ‘Energy Revolution Gallery’

The Adani Green Energy Revolution Gallery of the London Science Museum is in effect a new age gallery built on modern technology. Modern climate science and the energy revolution are showcased in this gallery. In this, it has been talked about the methods of implementing the Paris Agreement to deal with global warming, reducing the dependence on fuels like petrol-diesel and gas.

Not only this, those issues have also been talked about in this gallery, which is related to the methods of reducing the effect of climate change around the world.

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Allegations on Adani of Hindenburg Research

Hindenburg Research has accused the Adani group of stock manipulation and accounting fraud. The Adani group has called all these baseless, although the shares of the group’s companies are continuously falling. Meanwhile, the market valuation of group companies has decreased by more than $ 100 billion in the past.