ADO launches only 16kg foldable electric bike ADO Air, 100km range in single charge, know details

Electric two wheeler maker ADO has introduced its new electric bike ADO Air. Its special thing is its foldable design and its light weight. That is, the bike can be easily carried anywhere by folding it. It is powered by a 36V battery and is built to offer a better experience of urban riding. The full details of its price and all the features are being given below.

ADO Air Electric Bike Price

ADO has introduced the ADO Air as a lightweight electric bike. This electric bicycle comes with a weight of only 16 kgs. The company has not yet disclosed its price but indiegigo Through the crowdfunding campaign, the company is talking about launching it soon at an affordable price. The campaign is scheduled for February 15.

The company has introduced different versions for different regions. For example, the versions will also be different for regions such as the US and Europe. The bike has been introduced in three color variants which include Ivory, Pastel Blue and Indigo Grey.

Power, Range, Features of ADO Air Electric Bike

As mentioned earlier, the company has given the tag of ultra light bike to ADO Air. It weighs only 16 kgs and comes with a foldable design. It has a 36V battery which gives 37 Nm torque. in single charge electric bicycle 100km range Can go up to Carbon belt has been used in it, due to which it does not wear out quickly and provides more capacity.

Talking about its features, IPS display has been given in the e-bike. On this, the user can see information like speed, navigation. Apart from this, the headlights can also be controlled through this. Also it comes with app support. So that it can be remote controlled. Its battery gets fully charged in 4-6 hours. <!–