Advertisements will have to be seen in the cheap recharge plan of Netflix, users said – if they do so, they will leave the service

Popular OTT platform ‘Netflix’ has been witnessing a decrease in the number of subscribers for some time now. A new exercise being done by the company has now further disappointed its subscribers. Customers are warning that if the streaming service starts showing ads to people with cheap deals, they will cancel their subscriptions. According to reports, after the first drop in the number of subscribers, Netflix is ​​planning to introduce a plan that will be cheaper, but people will have to watch ads. According to The New York Times, the new plan can be launched by the end of this year.

Netflix’s subscribers liked this preparation Reaction not given. Many people claim that if they had to see the advertisement, they would leave the service. Twitter user @GGnotGIGI713 wrote, ‘I have been a Netflix subscriber for a long time. If I get ads on my paid subscription account, I will leave the service. Another handle @UCantCensorThis wrote, I am just telling you that if my service is interrupted due to an advertisement, I will cancel my subscription faster than you ask for a commercial break.

However, industry experts say that the ad-supported subscription plan may entice some consumers who are struggling with cost-cutting in their lives. Netflix announced on April 19 that it had lost 2 lakh subscribers in the first three months of the year. It is expected to lose more customers in the second quarter. The company’s shares have also declined significantly.

The work is said to have accelerated on the ad-supported subscription plan and the cheaper plan will be rolled out in the last quarter of the year. It is not yet clear whether advertising will be started for users on the existing ‘Basic’ subscription or whether Netflix will bring a new low-cost plan, which will also see advertisements. However, Mail Online says that the company’s non-advertising plans will continue. From which countries the new cheap plan will be started, it is not yet known. It should be expected that Company India will also offer such a plan.



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