Afghanistan: There is no evidence that anything would have changed if it had stayed in Afghanistan for more time – Blinken

On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken strongly defended the steps taken by President Joe Biden’s administration to deal with the issue of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. During a hearing before a parliamentary committee on Afghanistan, Blinken said on Monday that there was no evidence that a longer stay would have strengthened the Afghan security forces or the Afghan government, or would have made them self-reliant.

With that said, if 20 years and hundreds of billions of dollars in support, equipment and training weren’t enough, what difference would another year, or five or ten years, make? There is to be a hearing in both houses of the US Parliament regarding the developments in Afghanistan. Blinken appeared before Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday and is due to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

US to provide $64 million aid to Afghanistan

President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in April this year. The Taliban gained control of Afghanistan in a short time amid the withdrawal of American troops, which US lawmakers criticized the Biden administration. there said that The US is providing nearly US$64 million in new humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan to meet critical health and nutritional needs, and address security concerns for women, children and minorities.

US will continue to support humanitarian aid to the Afghan people

Also said that America Will continue to support humanitarian aid to the Afghan people in line with sanctions. This assistance will not come through the government but through independent organizations like NGOs and United Nations agencies. Apart from the US, the United Nations has also announced a grant of 20 million US dollars to support the humanitarian campaign in Afghanistan.

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