Afghanistan: US carried out airstrikes inside Afghanistan, destroyed Taliban bases

US Airstrike in Afghanistan: The US has recently conducted airstrikes inside Afghanistan. He is supporting the Afghan security forces in the war with the Taliban. This information was given by the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense on Thursday. Taliban positions have been targeted in the attacks. However, the information about how many terrorists have been killed was not given. Troops of NATO countries including the US are being withdrawn from Afghanistan, due to which the Taliban remains more aggressive and has also targeted civilians.

It has claimed to occupy 90 percent of the country’s borders. In such a situation, this action of America is like a big help for the Afghan government. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “For the past several days, we have conducted air strikes to support the ANDSF (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces).” We will continue to conduct air strikes to support ANDSF.’ He told reporters during the press briefing that these attacks took place under the supervision of General Kenneth Mackenzie, the head of the US Army’s Central Command.

Defense Minister Austin reiterated the statement

Kirby said he could not give more details on the airstrikes, but he reiterated Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s statement on Wednesday, which he said was the United States “to help the Afghan security forces and the Afghan government move forward”. committed to.’ The US Air Force has long provided Afghan forces a strategic support against the Taliban. But now the fear of Taliban has been erased with the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

Half the country under Taliban control

On Wednesday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Taliban had captured half of the country, covering some 400 districts, but had yet to reach the densely populated cities. At the same time, the Taliban had carried out horrific attacks on houses located in the Spin Boldak area bordering Pakistan a day earlier. In which 100 civilians were killed (Taliban Killed Civilians). This was informed by the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan. This is the same area that the Afghan Vice President tweeted about. He had said that the Pakistan Air Force is providing air support to the Taliban in Spin Boldak.

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