Afridi’s sensational disclosure, tampering with the pitch in the live match at the behest of Shoaib Malik

England vs Pakistan: Due to the gas cylinder burst during the match against England, everyone’s attention went to that side and Shahid Afridi got a chance to tamper with the pitch.

Shahid Afridi spoke to Shoaib Malik before tampering with the pitch in 2005

Image Credit source: Shoaib Malik instagram

New Delhi. Shoaib Malik At the behest of the pitch, the pitch was tampered with in the live match against England. Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi has disclosed this. Afridi revealed that the ball was neither turning nor anything else was happening in the match. The match had become very boring. In such a situation, at the behest of Shoaib, the pitch was abandoned. He got a chance to tamper with the pitch when the gas cylinder exploded.

Afridi was banned

Actually the England team has come to Pakistan after 17 years. The last time the team came to Pakistan was in 2005. In the Test match against England in Faisalabad, Afridi was banned for one Test and two ODIs for tampering with the pitch. After 17 years, Afridi made a sensational disclosure on this matter. Afridi revealed that he had taken advantage of the gas cylinder burst to spoil the pitch and had spoken to Shoaib Malik earlier. Talking to Sama TV, Afridi said that it was a good series. There was a test match in Faisalabad. It was a Test, but neither the ball was turning nor the swing and seam was being found. I was trying my best, but nothing was happening. Then suddenly a gas cylinder exploded and everyone’s attention went to that side.

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Opportunity to burst gas cylinder

afridi revealed that then I told Shoaib that my heart is wishing that I should make a patch here. At least the ball turns. To this Shoaib Malik replied that do it, no one is watching. The former Pakistani captain said that after this I worked with shoes. He said that now when I look back, you realize that it was a mistake. Afridi represented Pakistan in 27 Tests, 398 ODIs and 99 T20Is. At the same time, Shoaib is still an active cricketer, but at this time he is out of the Pakistan team. He played the last match for Pakistan in November last year.