After 10 years in America, the threat of polio virus, infection spreading rapidly in the sewage water of New York

The threat of polio virus is now looming in America. Health officials said on Friday that there is a sign of polio virus being found in New York City’s sewage. He said that this virus had not been found in America for a decade.

The threat of polio virus in America after 10 years

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America now in polio virus The danger is looming. Health officials gave this information on Friday. They said that big Apple There is a sign of getting polio virus in the sewage of K. Officials said that it is spreading secretly among people who have not vaccinated polio. Let us tell you that this virus was not found in America for a decade. The City and New York State Health Department said that the detection of polio virus in sewage water here shows that the virus is spreading locally.

Provincial Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said the finding of poliovirus in samples of wastewater in New York City was alarming but not surprising. At the same time, New York City Health Commissioner Dr Ashwin Vasan said in a statement, ‘The people of New York are at real risk from this, but the prevention is very simple – get the polio vaccine. He said that polio can be completely prevented, but for this it is necessary that your children must be vaccinated to avoid this virus.

A case of polio infection was found in America on July 21

It is worth noting that after the year 2013, the health officials of New York announced that there was a case of polio infection in the US on July 21 this year. Although this American citizen was not vaccinated. Till date in the year 2022, only 13 cases of wild polio virus have been registered worldwide. A polio-infected man from New York reportedly came in contact with a type of polio virus that is weakened and was used to make an anti-polio vaccine. But this type of vaccine has not been used in America since the year 2000. Health officials said that this virus affects male patients who have problems with muscle weakness and paralysis.

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