After Air India, now Akasa will fly high, will give jobs to 1000 and order so many planes

These days a big boom is being seen in the aviation sector of India. After the privatization of Air India, where Tata Group has ordered 470 aircraft, it has also announced the recruitment of thousands of people. Now Akasa Air is also going to order a plane on a large scale, as well as giving jobs to 1000 people.

Now Akasa Air is also going to order a plane on a large scale.

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A big boom can be seen in the aviation sector in the country. On one hand new airports like Jewar are being built. On the other hand, Jet Airways is going to return and under the leadership of Tata Group, Air India has made a plan to make itself a global airline again. New airlines Akasa Air has also joined this episode of flying high. Along with ordering hundreds of new planes, the company is also going to recruit 1,000.

Akasa Air, invested by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the big bull of the stock market, is working on a plan to expand its operations. For this, on the one hand, the company’s planning is to improve the flights service, and on the other hand, the company is to increase its total workforce strength to 3,000.

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There will be 1,100 pilots, flight attendants

Akasa Air CEO Vinay Dubey said in an interview to the agency that the company will recruit 1,000 people by March 2024. By doing this the company will take its workforce strength above 3,000. In this too, there will be around 1,100 only pilots and flight attendants. He said that hiring in the aviation sector is always done in advance.

Will order hundreds of planes soon

Akasa Air, which entered the market only 7 months ago, is also planning to start international flights by the end of this year. The company has planned to order more than 100 new aircraft in 3 digits by the end of 2023.

Right now Akasa Air has ordered 72 Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Out of this, 19 have already joined its fleet and it will get the 20th aircraft in April. With this, the company will also be able to start international flights. The company’s order for 72 aircraft will be completed by 2027.

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The company will add 9 aircraft to its fleet in the next financial year, thus taking its fleet size to 28. Right now the company operates 110 flights every day. It will be increased to 150 flights by the end of the summer season.

Akasa Air has given its service to 3.61 lakh companies in the domestic market. On the other hand, in terms of on-time performance, 87 percent of Akasa Air’s flights have reached on time.

Air India will do 5,000 recruitments

Meanwhile, Air India has also announced to recruit more than 5,000 people by the end of 2023. In this, around 4,200 cabin crew people and around 900 pilots will be recruited. At present Air India has 1600 pilots.