After all, what happened that Twitter sent a legal notice to Elon Musk, now what will happen about the 44 billion deal?

Notice received for sharing the contents of non-disclosure agreement.

Image Credit source: AFP

Elon Musk had recently announced a moratorium on the $ 44 billion deal to buy Twitter by tweeting. Now Musk tweeted that he has been issued a legal notice from Twitter.

Twitter deal (Twitter dealUpdates are coming one after the other, due to which the clouds of doubt remain about its completion at present. richest man in the world Elon Musk ,Elon Musk) made a tweet on Saturday and said that they have received a notice from the legal team of Twitter. In this notice, he has been accused of making public the things of the non-disclosure agreement. This matter is related to Musk’s tweet regarding fake tweets and bots. On May 13, Elon Musk made a tweet and said that the $ 44 billion deal has been put on hold. Musk has also tweeted the information about the legal notice.

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