After all, why does the world celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5? Know the reason

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated worldwide on 5 October. Let us know why World Teachers Day is celebrated on this day only.

World Teachers’ Day

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World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on 5 October across the world. World Teachers’ Day It is also celebrated as International Teachers Day. Teachers are honored on this day for the contribution made for the students. Many people come together on this day. These people identify the problems being faced by teachers in the country as well as globally. Also organize meetings, conferences and the like to find solutions to these issues.

At the same time, the theme of this year’s World Teachers Day is ‘Change in education begins with teachers’. A joint message issued by the officials of UNESCO, ILO and Educational International said, ‘Today on World Teachers Day, we celebrate the important role of teachers in transforming the potential of students. Teachers ensure that students have the necessary tools to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for the world. Teachers should be trusted and recognized as knowledge enhancers and policy partners.

How did World Teachers Day start?

In 1994, 5 October was declared by UNESCO as World Teachers Day. Its purpose was to respect the adoption of the methods recommended by UNESCO/ILO. It was a part of the Inter-Governmental Conference organized by UNESCO in Paris, which recognized the status of teachers in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO). After adopting the suggested methods, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared October 5 as World Teachers Day.

What is its importance?

Through World Teachers Day, the achievements, contributions and efforts of teachers are recognized around the world on this day. Along with this, teachers are encouraged by celebrating this day. Policymakers and experts around the world also use this day as an opportunity to identify and resolve issues related to the teaching profession.

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To celebrate this day, many schools around the world organize cultural programs for teachers. In many places, there is also a holiday for teachers on this day. Some policy makers and education experts organize conferences and meetings to identify problems faced by teachers around the world and try to brainstorm solutions to these issues. This day is also used to highlight the importance of teachers and to guide or inspire people who join this profession.