After all, why is the delta variant spreading so fast? People are making their prey at 1260 times more speed, know what are the reasons

The cases of Coronavirus in the world are increasing rapidly. Health experts say that the reason behind this is the infectious delta variant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this variant is spreading 55 percent faster than the alpha variant that appeared in Britain last year. At the same time, the Delta variant is catching people at 50 percent more speed than the variants that first appeared in 2019.

Andy Slavitt, former senior adviser to US President Joe Biden’s Kovid Response Team, said that we should understand the delta variant as the 2020 variant of Kovid-19 on steroids. The Delta variant first appeared in India. It was identified in December 2020. Due to this, the cases of corona started increasing rapidly in India and there was a lot of pressure on health facilities. In such a situation, let us know what is the reason, due to which this variant is spreading rapidly.

Delta variants responsible for new cases in the US

Seeing this variant, it has reached different countries of the world. The first case of the Delta variant in the US came to light in March. At the same time, by the beginning of July, the Delta variant was involved in half the cases reported in the country. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is responsible for 83 percent of US cases. The delta variant is spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated population of the country. So far, this variant has appeared in 50 states of America.

After all, why is the delta variant spreading rapidly?

According to a study done on the rapid spread of the delta variant, the delta variant spreads faster than other strains because it starts making more copies of itself inside our body at a faster rate. When scientists in China compared dozens of cases of Delta with strains that emerged in the early stages of the epidemic, they found that the viral load was 1,260 times higher in patients with the Delta variant.

Benjamin Colling, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Hong Kong, said that due to the rapid increase in viral load in the body and the short incubation period, the delta variant rapidly infects one person after infecting another. This is the reason why it is increasingly making people its victims. It is clever to keep distance from the person infected with the delta variant. This is because the viral load in his respiratory system is high. Because of this you can get infected.

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