After announcing Rs 470 crore aid to Afghanistan, now America will help the LGBTQ community here!

US on LGBTQ Community of Afghanistan: America’s Biden administration is being criticized a lot since ending the war in Afghanistan. The opposition parties of the country say that the government did not plan properly, due to which the soldiers and civilians had to be returned in a hurry. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has dismissed these allegations and blamed the previous Trump administration for Afghanistan’s failure. Along with this, he has said that the US government is now focusing on the safety of the LGBTQ community and other Afghans here.

“Thank you for correctly highlighting the concerns about the LGBTQI+ community in Afghanistan, we are seeing this threat ourselves,” Blinken told US lawmaker David Sicilinei during parliament’s discussion on the issue of evacuation from Afghanistan. .’ It is not yet clear how Blinken intends to protect LGBTQ and other Afghans. At the same time, the Taliban occupied Afghanistan before America left the country. Due to which the return of people was made in haste.

America will give help of 470 crores

Earlier on Monday, the US had announced humanitarian assistance of Rs 470 crore to Afghanistan. At the Humanitarian Conference on Afghanistan held in Geneva, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thompson-Greenfield said that the situation in Afghanistan is very serious. Therefore, America will give humanitarian assistance of $ 64 million (about Rs 470 crore) to this country. Along with this, he also talked about assessing the situation here.

Help will be provided through NGOs

The US also said that care will be taken that the money does not fall into the wrong hands of the Taliban (US Humanitarian Help to Afghanistan). Whatever funds will be there, it will go to the agencies of the United Nations, so that help can be ensured to the people. The US has said that this help will be done through non-governmental organizations that ‘provide direct assistance to Afghans facing insecurity, conflict, disasters and difficult times of the Kovid-19 epidemic’. It has been said from America that it will also consider giving more help in future.

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